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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

Our Journey Begins

Genealogy and Historical Research + Jamaica was begun in February 2006, based on a desire to provide diligently researched genealogies to the average person. Where as most genealogists will emphasize on swift delivery, we emphasize on accuracy and well researched family histories . Our Chief Genealogical Researcher had at the time over thirty years of experience in both general research techniques and Genealogical / Family History research in and on the island of Jamaica. She also offered Archaeological consultancy on several  Proposed Development projects, writing reports for Special Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessments, namely among them being the Caymanas Development Project and the Harmony Cove Project to name only two. However in the last few years the main focus has been on Genealogical Research and Historical Research, though a very strong alliance still exists with the Archaeological fraternity on the island. We also do provide very informative and individually tailored Plantation and Ancestral Site Tours for clients interested in exploring the very places which their ancestors actually lived and worked.

Our Chief Genealogical Researcher - 

Dianne T. Golding Frankson

Over the last forty odd years, I have worked on the genealogies of all ethnic groups, found on the island namely African, Caucasian, East Indian, Amerindian, Chinese, Lebanese, Palestinian heritages with special experience in Jewish and mixed race genealogies in Jamaica. 

"Genealogy has been my life and the fulfillment it gives me to see a person finally discover who they are, and where they come from cannot be described or truly put into words. All I know is it feels really great. And that's why I do what I do, to the very best of my abilities. Every Project has its own unique set of challenges, with its own individual results.

Thence no responsible dedicated Researcher can give guarantees on what will be found, only that, I promise to give each and every client the benefit of my many years of experience and will exhaust all avenues of research before the job is considered done., a great genealogist is not measured in how quickly a project is completed but in how well done and accurate the findings are."

Unearthing Historical Records

We have researched the family histories of some five thousand Jamaican families, and have found historical records for major media houses and numerous book authors who are published in Canada, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Apart from having worked for shows like Who Do You Think You Are? in the UK, Canada and Australia, and ITV's DNA Journey's and Empire's Child, research has been conducted for major British news outlets as well namely the Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Sun. 

Richard Atkinson, Author of Mr Atkinson's Rum Contract

‘Dianne assisted me with the archival research for my book, Mr Atkinson’s Rum Contract, which tells the story of my eighteenth-century slave-holding ancestors and their ’tangled inheritance’ in Jamaica. Not only did she manage to unearth important and revealing documents at the Registrar General’s Department, but she also accompanied me on visits to the Jamaica Archives and the National Library of Jamaica. It was a pleasure to collaborate with her.’

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