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Shots of our Chief Genealogical Researcher making her mark


An hourly rate is charged, the base start hours allowed for specified projects i.e Will or Deed retrieval is 4 -6 hours

The Hourly base rate for Genealogical Research projects is 10-Hour, recommended time is 14-Hours 

Historical or Academic Research has a recommended time of 14 -18 hours

Our Greatest Research Milestones - Highlighted

Our Chief Genealogical Researcher, Dianne T. Golding Frankson has appeared on and done the genealogical research for several celebrity genealogies for the popular UK BBC series "Who Do You Think You Are?" namely Colin Jackson, British sprint Olympian, Ainsley Harriott, British celebrity chef, Lord Sebastian Coe, British Olympian and former Chairman of the 2012 London Olympics Committee, Emilia Fox, actress, John Barnes, celebrity British Footballer.

For the PBS series "Faces of America" which included work on the ancestries of Elizabeth Alexander, US Poet Laureate and Malcolm Gladwell, the famous Canadian author of numerous books, which includes “Outliers". We have done background research for the National Geographic hit series 'Lockup Abroad’. And we have also done the genealogies of Robert Nesta Marley aka Bob Marley, the  late great King of Reggae as well as the genealogies  of the fastest man alive, the great Usain Bolt, and even quite recently that of Kamala Harris, the Vice- President Elect of the United States of America, the first woman and person of African and East Asian descent to hold this office. There have been many many others, however they are too many to name. And most recently I have done research and appearances on ITV UK's hit series DNA Journey's with Anne Hegerty and Shaun Wallace 2022 and their documentary Empire's Child with Charlene White 2021.

'Dianne provided essential research and documents for me to prove that Blackbeard, the infamous pirate was a Jamaican gentleman!' ~ Baylus C. Brooks, author of Quest for Blackbeard


  • Archaeological Society of Jamaica - 2008 - Present  - Board member - President
  • Jewish Jamaica Genealogical Society - 2006 - Present - Founding Member
  • Jamaica Genealogical Society - 2016 - Present - Founding Member
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