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Photos of your Genealogist at work

Who are we?

Genealogy and Historical Research + Jamaica is a Professional Genealogical and Historical Research firm located exclusively in Jamaica, which has access to the archaic documents housed at the Registrar General Department of Jamaica, the Jamaica Archives, Roman Catholic Archives and The National Library of Jamaica.

What will we do for our clients?

We have extensive experience in the retrieval of difficult and hard to construct family histories lead by a Genealogist with forty odd years experience on the island of Jamaica.

Services Offered 

•Genealogical or Historical Research

•Document Transcription or scanned copies

•Collection of information for use in Doctoral and Master's Thesis' or other Academic papers or dissertations or Book Research.

•Helping clients relocate ancestral properties and plantations

•Special customized ancestral plantation tours 

What our customers are saying

Thank you for shedding your incomparable light on my journey. You're a digger second to none and a sheer delight to know 

Carolyn Abraham,  Author of The Juggler's Children

Chief Genealogical Researcher at your service

Dianne T. Golding Frankson

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