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Welcome to Jamaica's Premium Genealogical Research Firm,now let us both start finding that crucial link to the mystery of who you are, today!

Genealogy Plus! is a Professional Genealogical and Historical Research firm located exclusively in Jamaica, which has access to the archaic documents housed at the Registrar General Department of Jamaica , the Jamaica Archives , Roman Catholic Archives and The National Library of Jamaica.
We have extensive experience in the retrieval of difficult and hard to construct family histories from a Genealogist with thirty odd years experience on the island.
General and Specialty Genealogical Services offered:
  • Chart Making
  • Historical Research  
  • Document Transcription
  • Photographic and Digital Documentation
  • Family Profile Book with document layout and cover design
  • Oil Painted Charts or Pen and Ink Illustrated Charts
  • Cemetery visits and Gravestone Photography
  • Collection of information for use in Doctoral and Masters Thesis' or other Academic papers or dissertations.
  • Helping clients relocate ancestral properties and plantations
  • Special ancestral plantation tours
And many more Advanced Genealogical and Historical Research services provided at reasonable rates
Please contact our firm at any time for free consultations and total project expenditure quotes 
Potential clients can apply for several different Research Packages dependent on their particular needs:-
1. One day search (no genealogical searches please ,only specific information searches allowed e.g Will copies or birth, marriage or death certificate copies , photocopies only,(not certified copies) a limit of 7 copies is applied to certificates , while a limit of 15-20 pages is applied to Wills)
2. One week Genealogical search (Photocopy fees included to a limit of 35 pages ,high- resolution scans included )
Offered for sale are high resolution digital scans of my select Collection of Wills , Inventories  and Deeds or any other document you would like me to retrieve on 
3. Full Genealogical searches which may range in
time periods of one week to eight weeks dependent on the Research difficulties encountered
4. Exclusive Research Time Rights Contract's, a client can hire our firm to exclusively work on their particular project with no interruptions ,at month to month intervals, Special rates apply.
5. Selective Private investigation services also offered , special rates apply, find that long lost relative or friend today.
your behalf, just to see , use for research purposes or collect for mere curiosity

All scans are done at 300dpi in .jpeg format , higher resolutions can be requested , special fees do apply
 The Most Frequently Asked Questions 

How far do you generally go back?  

Generally I go back as far as I can go, each family is different, but record keeping and genealogies in Jamaica can go back to 1655, the date of the English invasion of Jamaica. 

For example if I wanted to trace both sides of the family?  

Two lines are admissible under the current one week fee, however after that additional lines carry an additional flat rate. 

Do you provide a report for us to take?  

A Report is provided , outlining all the findings , source of documentation and a Sketch Lineage chart , if you wish me to expand the report further into a book then that would have a specialty fee applied based on the quantity of time it would take to format the book.  

Wills and deeds are they included  or a separate charge?  

Wills and deeds are included up to a certain amount , however if you exceed that amount I will use my discretion and determine whether to divert your remaining search hours into documents, I rarely charge separately for these but the client can opt to offset the additional cost rather than loose research hours.  

If I pay for two weeks of research, is that generally sufficient to identify/locate a few generations back?  

As long as there are no significant research difficulties encountered two weeks can many times yield several generations, however you would be told of the difficulties encountered in the report. And in the long run two weeks is merely a recommendation, the decision is always in the hands of the prospective client, whether to opt for one week or two weeks, when starting the project.  

I do hope I satisfactorily answered all your concerns, and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask. 

Local and International references are available on request.

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